We have been building profitable eCommerce websites on Magento platform since its early days. After its launch back in 2008, Magento has gone through numerous improvements and iterations in order to provide end users with the best shopping experience all the time. With the launch of new and improved platform Magento 2, it has become king of all the ecommerce platforms available in the market

While Magento 2 is a really great platform when it comes to performance and user experience, during the development phase, you really need to work with an experienced magento 2 development company to get the best out of the new platform to grow your business


We have spent a lot of time in learning and working on Magento 2 platform. Having clear understanding of your business objectives together with our Magento 2 development experience, Team IT Managed Solution Digitally will help you effectively to migrate from 1.9 to 2.0 or upgrade Magento 2 to the latest stable version

Our Magento 2 upgrade service team will work with you to understand nature of your business, How your current business operations work and how it can be improved using the next generation ecommerce platform.


magento 2 migration service

Magento 2 Website Design

To stand out from the competition, Your Magento 2 website should look awesome and it should be easy to use for your customers. With core focus on delivering world class user experience, we design user friendly websites that generate sales

magento migration from 1.9 to 2.0

Upgrade To Magento 2

With the right platform, your ecommerce business has the potential to outrank the competition. It’s high time that you should consider to upgrade to Magento 2 from Magento 1 to provide your web shop a new and improved look

magento 1.9 to 2.0 migration

Magento 2 Development

Our experienced Magento 2 developers can Custom code any back end functionality to effectively manage your ecommerce operations. Hire Magento 2 developers today to upgrade magento 1.7 to 2.0 and build robust solutions as per your business needs

upgrade from magento 1 to 2

Magento 2 SEO Optimization

Keeping your SEO is one of the most important parts during Magento 2 upgrade. Our professional seo experts will collaborate with our Magento 2 developers to make sure that none of your SEO work is lost during the Magento 2 upgrade process



magento 2 migration

User Friendly Checkout

Checkout process on Magento 2 platform is better than any other platforms available in the market. It is easy for customers to complete orders & it’s highly customizable for business owners user can see various reports

magento 2 upgrade

Improved Performance

Magento 2 has brand new architecture that provides great performance, enhanced security and better integration option with third party software’s to cater to any of your complex business needs

upgrade magento 2

Advanced Dashboard

With highly user friendly and responsive admin interface on this new platform , any non technical store owners can accomplish admin operations easily without having need to call your Magento 2 developers

magento upgrade

Flexible Architecture

The entire architecture of the new platform has been re-written to improve performance and for better integration capabilities. This will help to maintain a clear path for future upgrades of the platform

migrate to magento 2

Faster Integrations

Magento 2 API is much more improved than what Magento 1 has. It means you can easily integrate any third party order or inventory management system with your website to fulfil all your business needs

migrate magento 1 to 2

More Security

Magento 2 has been redesigned from ground up for fast performance and utmost security. It will give a peace of mind to you and your customers that your website is secured so they can trust your business


The first step we will take for successful magento 1 to magento 2 migration is to do a thorough review of your current Magento installation. We will identify all the third party extensions and system integrations that have been used on current website along with any custom functionality implemented. Our Magento 2 migration service experts will also consider how the new web shop can be improved for better user experience.

Once we have a clear document with list of all the third party extensions required, custom modules and any new functionality we need on the new webshop – Our magento upgrade service provider team will take complete back up of the current webshop to start working on theme development on the new Magento 2 install with sample data from current website. Along in the magento migration services, we will make sure that none of your SEO efforts invested on the current website are lost while we migrate from magento 1 to magento 2

Once the theme is ready with all third-party extensions and custom modules required, Our Magento 2 developers will migrate data from current website to the new Magento 2 store.  There after we will do end to end user testing of all the elements of the new webshop in order to provide your customers with the best shopping experience on the new platform.


  • Certified & experienced Magento 2 developers
  • Easy and transparent communication process
  • Flexible pricing plans around your needs
  • Our Magento websites are well optimized for SEO
  • Free Magento back end training
  • 24/7 Technical Support

We have experience and expertise in solving all your Magento 2 upgrade problems so sometimes we will tell you don’t do that and do this instead during magento data migration process to make your webshop working for your business


Ask us a question about Fully Managed IT and the support we can offer your business, or send us your requirements to find out more.